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   function jackpotKey(event)
     var value = this.value;
     var key = event.keyCode;

     if (value.match(/^\d{3}$/) !== null && key !== 8)
       this.value = value + ',';
     else if((value.match(/^\d{3},\d{3}$/)) !== null && key!== 8)
       this.value = value + ',';

I am confused about how to use this.value and event.keyCode to access the property of an object that was passed to the function.

Isn't this.value and event.keyCode of the same object? If so, why wouldn't event.value and this.keyCode work?

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the event object and this are two different objects. this will reference the DOMElement that triggered the event, the event object is the event. Suppose we have

<input type="text" id="foo" value="bar"/>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    document.getElementById('foo').onkeyup = function(e)//event
        console.log(e === this);//false
        console.log(( || e.srcElement) === this);//true
        console.log(e);//;logs instance of KeyboardEvent
        console.log(this);//logs input node

Just check this fiddle and take a look at your console

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No this and event are not same object For example is textbox is object and event some one do key press than

-Textbox is refer to this
-The action of pressing is refer to event


-Parameter related to textfield like it's text will be available in this object
-Parameter related to action like which key pressed is available event object

=>For a close look on this and event read following. and if you are new to this than you must read.

About This

About Event

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