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I get parameters with using ajax. At this point there is no problem but how to add parameter id's with giving a link at the Controller Method. Because I want to display a link at the view and when I click that link I want to route another view with parameter's id

Here is my controller:

public string corporate()

            var management = "";
            var management_id=""; ? How can I add this paremeter to link to route another View with this parameter
            foreach (var query in db.corporate)

                management =management + "<li><input type='checkbox'/><label>"+query.person_position+"</label></li>";
            return (management);

you know MVC has @Html.Actionlink() tag and I can't add so how can I add parameter id with using ajax ?

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public ActionResult MyAction(string id){


<a href="/controlle/myaction/1234">Link</a>

You can simply do a get request, make sure to name your parameter id and pass value this way.

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Yes I found before you wrote answer:) but anyway thank you very much – Teodoris Oct 4 '12 at 14:53
Its the easiest and cleanest way, also you can do the same with .post, just make sure to change action attribute to [HttpPost] – Filix Mogilevsky Oct 4 '12 at 15:18

You can add some parameters in @Url.Action, such as:

@Url.Action( "ActionName", "ControllerName", new { parameterId = Model.Id } )
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Thanks for your help but it is not usefull for me because of using ajax I wanna share my solution – Teodoris Oct 4 '12 at 14:44

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