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Possible Duplicate:
List of global user defined functions in JavaScript?

I have a java script file (.js) which contains some functions:

function func1(arg)

function func2(arg)


I want to enumerate all functions defined in js file. Is there a root object in javascript to enum all sub objects by it? (by methods defined in this post)

Ugly solutions:

One approach is to define an array like: var functions = [func1, func2, ...];

Another approach is string processing (such as regular expressions):


I there better solution for it? thanks.

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JavaScript has a root object, just open a console and type this, or window for that matter. If you want to list all functions in the global object, just treat the global object as you would any object:

for (var property in this)
    if (this.hasOwnProperty(property) && typeof this[property] === 'function')
        console.log(property + ' is a function');

You could leave out the .hasOwnProperty check, but remember that all objects, including window can be traced back to the Object.prototype, so you might end up enumerating prototype-methods, too. What's more, the global object has its own prototype, too: Window.prototype.
A word of warning: when it comes to X-browser issues, the global object is one of the worst objects to deal with. IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari all have differences between them, some more then others.

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You can try something like:

var Stub = new Object();

Stub.func1 = function(args) {/*Your code*/};
Stub.func2 = function(args) {/*Your code*/};
Stub.func3 = function(args) {/*Your code*/};

// enumerate through functions

for(f in Stub)
   if (Stub.hasOwnProperty(f) && typeof Stub[f] === "function")

I am treating object 'Stub' as a namespace/class here.

EDIT: In case you have no control over the JS file, third party perhaps, you can still use the above technique to figure out the list of functions in the file. I am assuming the js file is defining new functions on the global namespace (window). Here's what you do:

Step 1: Run the above script and store all the functions on window (replace Stub with window) in an array.

Step 2: Dynamically load the new JS file (by adding a script tag linking to the external js file into the HEAD via JavaScript) and after the JS file is loaded (i.e. in ready state), run the above script again.

Step 3: Any function reported in step 2 that was not already visited in step 1 is the new subset introduced by the JS file.

  • So there you have it.
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You can iterate all global function using window. but it contains many other properties.

for(var fun in window){

   // your code
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Thank you. greate. – mh taqia Oct 4 '12 at 9:32

This is a pretty hacked up approach; it enumerates the window global object and filters out those that are listed as [native code].

for (var i in window) {
    if (window.hasOwnProperty(i) &&
          'function' === typeof window[i] && 
          !Function.toString.call(window[i]).match('\[native code\]')) { 

Probably not very cross-browser though, it worked on Chrome. It would be better if you could place all your functions inside a namespace.

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Thank you, was helpful. – mh taqia Oct 4 '12 at 9:33

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