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Trying to render a sphere using isgl3d. The problem is that only say 75% of the sphere is being rendered.

Here's the code:

[self.camera setPosition:iv3(0, 3, 7)];
_container = [self.scene createNode];

Isgl3dTextureMaterial * ballMaterial = [Isgl3dTextureMaterial materialWithTextureFile:@"balltext.jpg" shininess:0.7 precision:Isgl3dTexturePrecisionLow repeatX:YES repeatY:YES];

_sphere = [Isgl3dSphere meshWithGeometry:1 longs:40 lats:40];
node = [ _container createNodeWithMesh:_sphere andMaterial:ballMaterial];
[self.scene addChild:node];
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Please check the image size. I think it should be 32x32, 64X64, 128x128 or 256x256. By changing image size you may be able to solve the issue.

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That did the trick. Thanks a lot! –  Anil Oct 30 '12 at 6:23

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