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I have a problem with a clean install of WSF/PHP 2.0.0 on PHP 5.3.17. We compiled WSF from source against our current PHP. The error goes as:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WSData as array in wsf_wsdl.php on line 211.

The scripts folder is in place and PATH is set up properly for all sites.

I tried to use the scripts folder from version 2.1.0 but that failed with a different error too.

Any help appreciated.

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I see that you have tried also some other places, I hope you get a good answer.

Have you tried the solution in the next link, is a bit old, but it may help.

Migration from PHP 5.2.1 + WS02 2.0 TO PHP 5.3.3 + WS02 2.1

Also, I think that you have more chances to get the right answer if you ask in the support section of the product you are having troubles with.

Good luck


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Hi PatomaS. As you can read on the wso2 website, StackOverflow is their primary channel for community support. The thread you mentioned is from their old (abandoned) community forum. I also found this post, but it did not help me to solve my issue. –  harkman Oct 15 '12 at 7:25
Hi, well, then I suggest that you contact shelan perera, who is a member here and works for ws02, he should be able to help you. You can look for his profile or contact him in his blog. Good luck. –  PatomaS Oct 15 '12 at 8:01

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