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I am looking for the best solution of customizing uitableviewcell. I go thru it and found some links for that. here those are. This link gives two option for that. first is by add subview and second is with xib. This is the apple's code

This are also good example.

My question is from all this which is the best way to customize the uitableviewcell with good memory management. I want the way which is using very less memory and also without memory leaks and with easy implementation. Can any one guide me for that ? I am not using arc. I am asking this because i need to display thousands of record in my uitableview.

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All are..! Memory management is not in the "way" you choose... but how to handle that in any "way" you chose...!
Refer to any of those tutorials and learn the basics of how to customize the cell, then write your code and then find out the ways to optimize your code. Not the other way round.

I got another link to another such tutorial for customizing the tableviewcell.Am giving you the link just because of the article's title..! "Customizing UITableViewCells: a better way" ...!

All the best...:D

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