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I have the following problem.

I have a tree view control in .NET and I have created a autocomplete search box to search the tree for a name - which then I can select and it highlights the item with a selected class.

The tree view is pretty long so I have given it a height and overflow scroll.

The problem is that I want view or scroll down to the selected item when I've searched for it.

So i have created the following script to scrollIntoView it but this doesn't seem to work:

function search_itemSelected(sender, e) {
        var hdSearchID = $get('<%= hdSearchID.ClientID %>');
        hdSearchID.value = e.get_value();
        var selectedElement = $("div.node.cen.selected"); // This works
        if (selectedElement != null) {
            selectedElement[0].scrollIntoView = 10; // This keeps coming back as undefined
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First: change

if (selectedElement != null)


if (selectedElement.length)

because $("div.node.cen.selected"); will never return null. jQuery always returns a jQuery object (empty or not, but a jQuery object)

So in the case where it is empty, the selectedElement[0] will return undefined and thus the scrollIntoView does not exist..

Second: scrollIntoView is a function and so you do not assign a value to it. You need to call it with

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scrollIntoView is used with element you want to show, like that :



Scrolls the window until the element is visible.



Parameters: param1 Optional; true or false, indicating whether the top of the element is scrolled to the top of the window or the bottom of the element is scrolled to the bottom of the window.

Moreover, scrollIntoView() can only be used with some tags


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