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I want to use tooltips in my windows forms application. So i created a simple method like this:

        public void MyTooltips(Control c, string m, bool b)
            ToolTip t = new ToolTip();
            t.IsBalloon = b;
            t.SetToolTip(c, m);
            t.BackColor = Color.Crimson;
            t.ForeColor = Color.White;

And i am using it like this: MyTooltips(combobox1, "If anything, select zero.", true);
In the usage, tooltip back and fore colors are not changing. Tooltips shown as Windows 7 default tooltip back and fore colors. How can i do this?
Kind regards.

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HTML Renderer can do this. For example:

htmlTooltip1.Set(textBox1, "<font color=\"red\">What is tooltip?</font>");
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From the relevant MSDN article for the BackColor property:

Unless the ToolTip is owner-drawn, this property is ignored.

If you want to customise the colour of the ToolTip, you will have to set OwnerDraw to true and paint the control yourself (using the Draw event).

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Thank you. I am striving to creat a method. But i saw, it is hard. May be, i should continue with Window's style :) –  Habip OĞUZ Oct 5 '12 at 17:22
It is generally accepted that you should use the operating system style in preference to your own. You can draw the user's attention to a ToolTip without changing the colours by adding a title and/or icon. –  Bradley Smith Oct 8 '12 at 0:30
Thanks master. May be well-marked. –  Habip OĞUZ Oct 9 '12 at 8:08

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