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I use Asp.Net MVC 3, C# together with ApplicationServices Membership (the standard way suing MS Sql 2008 db).

My folder structure is

-- PageAController.cs
   -- PageBController.cs

I have a Users some with Role "AdminRole", some with no rules associated (anonymouse).

I would like DENY access to the specific Controller and show a LOGIN page for PageAController.cs and to all Controllers within folder ADMIN for User that HAVE NOT the "AdminRole" associated.

  • What it the way to go?
  • Do I need setup Web.Config... how?
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Just to make it clear: you want to deny the access to all actions in the PageAController to all users that have the AdminRole? I didn't understand your second requirement. You seem to be talking about some files. What files? In ASP.NET MVC there are controllers and actions and views. It's the controller actions responsibility to control access. – Darin Dimitrov Oct 4 '12 at 8:42
My apologies my question was not clear, I need to DENY to all users that have NOT the AdminRole – GibboK Oct 4 '12 at 9:05
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Hope this helps

Use AuthorizeAttribute

You cannot use routing or web.config files to secure your MVC application. The only supported way to secure your MVC application is to apply the [Authorize] attribute to each controller and action method (except for the login/register methods). Making security decisions based on the current area is a Very Bad Thing and will open your application to vulnerabilities

public class PageAController


public class PageBController

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