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Hello everyone how can I assign a parameter which is returned from controller method to a string at the View ? Here is my controller:

public string corporate()
            var management = "1";

            return (management);

And my view:

string parameter=""+ @:<div id="ajaxvalue"></div>;

But I can't assign the parameter how can I do ?

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You could pass it to the view by using ViewBag:

public ActionResult corporate()
    ViewBag.management = "1";
    return PartialView();

and inside the corresponding view:


or a better approach would be to define a view model:

public class MyViewModel
    public string Management { get; set; }

then have your controller action pass this view model to the view:

public ActionResult corporate()
    var model = new MyViewModel();
    model.Management = "1";
    return PartialView(model);

and finally have a strongly typed view:

@model MyViewModel

Yet another possibility if you are calling this controller action with AJAX is to return JSON:

public ActionResult corporate()
    return Json(new { management = "1" }, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
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