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I'm trying to read the symbol table of linux kernel, vmlinux file, so far I tried readelf,

readelf -s vmlinux

But nothing got printed.

Listing all strings stored inside, with strings command, I could find symbol names like sys_close, so I guess there should be a solution that works.


I don't have the System.map, I think it's inside the vmlinux, otherwise how could you build the kernel module with exported names like sys_close ?

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Did you build it with symbols attached? –  stsquad Oct 4 '12 at 15:46

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The kernel binary is a little bit different. Its symbols are located inside the System.map file, which sould be inside the same directory than the kernel (/boot).

Wikipedia will give you more information about System.map.

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Try to do
objdump -t vmlinux
objdump -t vmlinux
Its same as readelf
Check your make file and look how vmlinux is prepared.
I am sure there are flags there. Or post your makefile here

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