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I want to change 8-bit images' bit depths to 4-bit, 2-bit depths using Matlab. Source images are 8-bit and jpg files. I wanted to take advantage of png 'BitDepth' parameter, so first I tried to convert images into png format. Then I tried to use this parameter; but I'm getting errors. Also it's OK for me if there's a simple solution using Java libraries.

function [] = changeBitDepth(path, depth)
clear all; close all;
A = imread(path);
imwrite(A, '~/Desktop/football.png');
B = imread('~/Desktop/football.png');
imwrite(B, '~/Desktop/bitDepthChanged.png', 'BitDepth', depth);
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That's because you can only have 8 or 16 bit images for standard color images. You can have different bit depth for e.g. indexed images, or grayscale images (wiki description of png).

Indexed color PNGs are allowed to have 1, 2, 4 or 8 bits per pixel by the standard; grayscale images with no alpha channel allow for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bits per pixel. Everything else uses a bit depth per channel of either 8 or 16.

You could do something like this:

% convert to indexed image
[IND,map] = rgb2ind(A,32);
% save indexed png
imwrite(IND, map, 'test.png', 'bitdepth', 4);

Look here to know how matlab deals with indexed images.

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