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The pixel number of each side of retina Device is double of non-retina device. When using UIPanGestureRecognizer,i can get velocity of the pan in pixels/second in the coordinate system of the specified view by calling - (CGPoint)velocityInView:(UIView *)view,but do I need divide the return value by 2 to get a correct velocity?I have read the document from apple,developer do not take care the x2 problem.But the comment in UIPanGestureRecognizer.h make me confuse.

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Reading the one line of the documentation would answer this question. –  Eiko Oct 4 '12 at 9:20

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No, it returns it in points per second, that is not pixels per second.

Apple chose for points as a unit because it is not dependent on the pixel densitiy of the screen. Meaning that the 3G and the iPhone 4 have the exact same result with this gesture recognizer. The iPhone5 has a bigger screen but that doesn't change anything you have to do with what the recognizer returns.

Thus to your answer: No, you should not divide it by 2, apple is taking care in their API's.

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Thank you for your quick reply! In UIPanGestureRecognizer.h, I found that: - (CGPoint)velocityInView:(UIView *)view; // velocity of the pan in pixels/second in the coordinate system of the specified view. This comment from apple make me confuse. Thank you again. –  Henry Law Oct 4 '12 at 9:23
@HenryLaw Thats an odd comment.. but in the documentation its talking about points per second, which in this case makes a lot more sense anyways –  Antwan van Houdt Oct 4 '12 at 9:24

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