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I am working on a existing build script where the script file contains these (Some part ) As part of the build process , i need to run this script file .


if  [ -z $1 ];  then
elif [ $1 == 'test' ]; then 

Could anybody please let me know what does this mean and form where does the value will be fed from ??

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Actually this script says:

  1. If the script is called without arguments, then call function help
  2. Else if the first argument passed to the script is CheckIn then call function CheckIn

An example could be:


CheckIn() {
 echo "CheckIn called!!";

help () {
 echo "Help called!!";

if  [ -z $1 ];  then
elif [ $1 == 'CheckIn' ]; then

So if this script is named, i.e test.sh the output of running it would be:

sh test.sh
output: Help called!!

sh test.sh CheckIn
output: CheckIn called!!

Finally please note that in your logged-in user shell there can be built in scripts named help and CheckIn. In this case these scripts/commands will be called and there is no need for functions named help/CheckIn to be present.

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Thanks a lot for your time , it was very good explanation . – Preethi Jain Oct 4 '12 at 9:31
If(you_liked_it); then accept_it; fi ;) – pankar Oct 4 '12 at 9:37

If the first argument ($1) is "empty" then call help otherwise if it's "CheckIn" then call CheckIn.

This is very basic stuff, you should read the manual page.

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You should call the script with an argument:

/path/to/script.sh argument

If there are more arguments, they are referred to as $1, $2, ...

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$1 refers to the first argument that is passed to your script on the command line. For example, if your script is called myscript.sh and you run it with myscript.sh foo, then $1 is foo.

if [ -z $1 ] is an if-statement which checks if the length of $1 is zero. If so, it runs the help function which must be defined (or sourced) somewhere above this point in your script.

elif [ $1 == 'CheckIn' ] checks whether $1 is CheckIn and if so, runs the CheckIn function.


Bash Guide for Beginners: Introduction to if

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