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I'm trying to connect to a server via ssh with public key.

When I try ssh command from the terminal everything works fine:


but when I try to connect from cyberduck I get "connection refused"

Those are my values:

use public key authentication: ˜/.ssh/id_rsa
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Follow this instructions : – Yasitha Chinthaka Nov 23 '13 at 9:46
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On Mac, you might have a standard password saved in your login keychain that doesn't match the public key password. If you previously connected with standard password authentication, and later switched to publickey, there might be a mismatch as both are saved using the same name in the keychain.

Use Mac OSX Keychain Access to remove (or edit) the entry for

I see that you have an empty username in your CyberDuck settings, and used the server field with the format. To simplify SSH/SFTP connection settings, you can use ~/.ssh/config to consolidate (SFTP) settings for for both the terminal ssh and CyberDuck. CyberDuck will pick up the settings if you edit the server name in either "Open connection" or "Add/edit bookmark". Tested using the latest/current snapshot build of CyberDuck, as there have been problems in older versions - there are other bugs with bookmarks in the current snapshot though.

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