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I wrote a mock c# http server and I have a problem. When the client first closes the connection (all data for the response have been received), my program throws an exception:

InvalidOperationException: Cannot close stream until all bytes are written.

What should I do? Does it mean the server socket is closed too?

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Maybe reading other question will give you some idea. – mbm Oct 4 '12 at 9:44

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Did the server read the entire request?

It is generally a good practice to close your side of the connection, then read until you get zero bytes (this means the other side closed the connection), then free the socket.

private void SafeShutdown( Socket s )
    socket.Shutdown( Send );
    var buff = new byte[200];
    while( socket.Receive( buff ) > 0 )
    socket.Shutdown( Receive );
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