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I get the request filter attribute to trigger but the response filter never does. What am I missing?

public class MyService : Service
        public object Get(RequestDto request)
            return new {foo = "bar"};

public class MyResponseAttribute : ResponseFilterAttribute
    public override void Execute(IHttpRequest req, IHttpResponse res, object requestDto)
        var x = requestDto;

public class MyRequestAttribute : RequestFilterAttribute
    public override void Execute(IHttpRequest req, IHttpResponse res, object responseDto)
        var x = responseDto;
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I can't replicate this behaviour with the test I've just added here.

If you still think this is an issue with the framework, can you submit a failing unit test to the project (a pull-request is preferred).

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I ran into the same issue. When MyResponseAttribute decorates the Service class, it fails to fire . When MyResponseAttribute is moved to decorate the response DTO instead, it fires. MyRequestAttribute is not affected by this; it fires both when decorating the Service, as well as when decorating the request DTO. I will try to add a failing test. – Martin Su Oct 24 '12 at 5:36
Related:… – Martin Su Oct 24 '12 at 5:37

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