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I am a Orbeon newby. I have a suite of XQuery scripts the execution of which I want to automate. Orbeon looks like a potential solution to implement the process that I have outlined below. Basically I just want to know if Orbeon CE will give me the right support out the box for each stage of the process?

I have a set of raw log files which contain the logged output from some system test cases. Each raw txt log has a matching XQuery module to verify the test and produce a test pass/fail result with supporting data. To achieve this the process I want to implement would look like :-

  1. From UI screen upload some raw (txt) system log data to server (Tomcat). Can upload indiviual txt files or zip containing all files.
  2. Execute a custom in-house parser executable to convert the raw log data into Output XML. (can either be from uploaded txt file or by initially extracting uploaded ZIP).
  3. Execute a grep to further refine XML from step 2
  4. Run an XQuery (xq) script (originally written for Saxon) to analyse the XML from 2&3
  5. Display the results from the analysis in the UI

Do you think I can quickly achieve this using Orbeon CE & are there any similar examples/tutorials to get me there?

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Yes, you can certainly use Orbeon Forms for this. A few comments on how I would do it, using Orbeon Forms:

  1. If you want to support a zip file being uploaded, you can then use the unzip processor to uncompress the zip file, and access the files it contains. I'd write the UI in XForms, leveraging xf:upload. When users submit the form, an xf:submission replace="instance" runs, which POSTs the uploaded file to a service, implemented with a pipeline. That pipeline runs the steps 2-4 below.
  2. If you have the Java code for this parser already, then you could call it from XSLT, which you run from a pipeline. Otherwise, you could do the parsing directly in XSLT.
  3. It should be easy to do a grep on XML data with XSLT.
  4. From a pipeline, using the oxf:xquery processor, which invokes Saxon's XQuery engine.
  5. The pipeline returns the result to the form, which displays it.
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Great @avernet I'm working on it now. Any idea how I would implement a popup that uploads a file and then returns the name of the uploaded file so that I can populate that filename in a table? – mactwixs Oct 12 '12 at 7:15
You want to use a "popup" to let users upload the file? If that is really what you need, then you could use Orbeon's dialog control xxf:dialog. See: wiki.orbeon.com/forms/doc/developer-guide/xforms-controls/… – avernet Oct 12 '12 at 18:26
Thanks. I would need an 'Upload' link that pops up a file select. In fact I created a more detailed description here: stackoverflow.com/questions/12857744/… – mactwixs Oct 13 '12 at 11:42
OK, then I will follow-up on that other question's page. – avernet Oct 16 '12 at 0:18
Thanks, much appreciated. – mactwixs Oct 16 '12 at 11:46

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