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I ve got a problem with allocating cli::array in function.

I have this kind of object:

array<double>^ tmsr2;

now I want to allocate it in function so:

void allocate(array<double>^ tmsr2)
    tmsr2=gcnew array<double>(100);

Now, tmsr2 in function gets allocated well but I lose the pointer when returning to main() The problem is clear to me, just like if I want to allocate simple array "double *a"; I need to pass pointer to function so "&a" and then everything works fine. I just don't know the syntax with managed arrays. Help much appreciated.


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Since array<double> is a managed type, you can use a managed tracking reference here, instead of a plain reference.

void allocate(array<double>^% tmsr2)
    tmsr2 = gcnew array<double>(100);

Here's my test app:

public ref class AsAClassField
    array<double>^ b;

        Debug::WriteLine("b = " + (b != nullptr ? "array" : "null"));

int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    array<double>^ a = nullptr;
    Debug::WriteLine("a = " + (a != nullptr ? "array" : "null"));
    AsAClassField^ foo = gcnew AsAClassField();

    return 0;


a = array
b = array

Of course, you could always switch your allocate function to return the newly allocated array, rather than taking it as a reference. That would be more in the managed style.

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You can pass the array as a reference:

void allocate(array<double>^ &tmsr2)
    tmsr2=gcnew array<double>(100);
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thanks a lot man, this works perfectly – Peter Kottas Oct 4 '12 at 10:20
okey, just one another question, your solution works well in general but when I declare tmsr as windows forms public variable and want to allocate it in function in constructor, it gives "cannot convert parameter 2 from 'cli::array<Type> ^' to 'cli::array<Type> ^&" error, any sugestions? – Peter Kottas Oct 4 '12 at 15:24

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