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I'm implementing Facebook SDK into my App.

Following the facebook developers guide, except I do not have GIT set up, so I've downloaded the SDK, and imported it to Eclipse, changed Java compliance level to 1.6.

In file, on one method "AutoPublishAsynchTask" I constantly have error:

Call requires API level 3 (current min is 1): android.os.AsyncTask#

How to get rid of error?

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Change your android:minSdkVersion of manifest to 8 or more then 3 , then it will work. The problem is AsyncTask is introduced from level 3 for that reason you getting the error.

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Tnx. Did that, now it looks good. I do not understand, as this is Library project, shouldn't it check minSdkVersion of "main" project that includes it? ... how ever, it looks good now. – Balkyto Oct 4 '12 at 11:00

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