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We can call NotifyComplete() and Abort() to dispose BackgroundAudioAgent

In the Background audio agent sample on MSDN, they call NotifyComplete in every OnPlayStateChanged event handle. I notice that AudioPlayer is created many times. So the agent must be killed then created continuely, why don't keep it alive?

Also when notice at the Output windows , I see that UI Task and Background Task is created only 1 time. But in the above explanation, the agent is killed and created many times. So what is Background Task related to audio agent ?

'UI Task' (Managed): Loaded 'mscorlib.dll' 'UI Task' (Managed): Loaded 'System.Windows.RuntimeHost.dll' 'UI Task' (Managed): Loaded 'System.dll' ...

'Background Task' (Managed): Loaded 'mscorlib.dll' 'Background Task' (Managed): Loaded 'System.Windows.RuntimeHost.dll' 'Background Task' (Managed): Loaded 'System.dll' ...


I know that AudioPlayerAgent runs in a different process. So how long does this process live ?

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