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As the title says, what's the most efficient way to get a random selection of x DataRows from a DataTable.

Would it be to iteratively do something like the following until I have as many as I need?

protected DataRow SelectRandomRow(DataTable dataTable, Random randomSelector)
    return dataTable.Rows[randomSelector.Next(dataTable.Rows.Count)];

There must be a better way..?

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Your solution seems like a perfectly reasonable option.

You'll probably want to add a check for duplicate rows being returned, however, as it could return the same row multiple times.

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For a random drug testing system I was working on, I actually went one step back to the query of qualified records and added a random() column as a column in the result set, and ordered by that column.

select randomFunction() as RandSequence, otherfields from table order by 1

Since a random is based on an original seed, and it not going to be run at the exact same time, same second, based on probability and human interjection, it worked great. I ran the query like 50,000 times against the same "pool" of people -- one such group had over 800 people, and I stored the results. At any given time, a person was only ever in the exact same position only about 4 times, but based totally on the decimal precision difference.

Then, you can always take the top X records directly from your result set.

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Hope my solution is perfect...........

    Dim DT1 As New DataTable
    DT1.Rows.Add("1", "Test1")
    DT1.Rows.Add("2", "Test2")
    DT1.Rows.Add("3", "Test3")
    DT1.Rows.Add("4", "Test4")
    DT1.Rows.Add("5", "Test5")
    DT1.Rows.Add("6", "Test6")
    DT1.Rows.Add("7", "Test7")
    DT1.Rows.Add("8", "Test8")
    DT1.Rows.Add("9", "Test9")
    DT1.Rows.Add("10", "Test10")
    DataGridView1.DataSource = DT1

    Dim DT2 As New DataTable
    Dim I, CNT, J As Integer
    Dim RS As New Random

    While DT1.Rows.Count > 0
        CNT = DT1.Rows.Count - 1
            J = RS.Next(CNT)
            DT2.Rows.Add(DT1.Rows(J)("SN1"), DT1.Rows(RS.Next(CNT))("NAME1"))
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End While
    DataGridView2.DataSource = DT2
End Sub
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