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really simple question, just having a hard time actually making it work. I have a snipet of code that's javascript that I'm trying to write in jquery and can't quite get it.


and I had tried it as


but the jquery snippet doesn't work, I'd really appreciate any help I can get on this, I'm sure it'll be breeze for someone.

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Assuming effects_of_yoga_2010_DEG is another id of an element with a value, try:

"rotateZ('" + $("#effects_of_yoga_2010_DEG").val() +"'deg)"); 
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Why would you assume that? It is certainly not backed by the original JS code. –  Thilo Oct 4 '12 at 12:02
@Thilo - it seems to be OP's naming convention of his id's. But yes, it could also just be a js var. Too little info I guess :) –  StuartLC Oct 4 '12 at 12:04

It should be:


you were mixing single quotes with double quotes.

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$("#effects_of_yoga_2010_INFO").css("-webkit-transform", "rotateZ('+effects_of_yoga_2010_DEG+'deg)"); 

That doesn't look right. Unless this was a copy-paste error you should split the variable values from the rest of the strings the same way as the JavaScript version had done.

$("#effects_of_yoga_2010_INFO").css("-webkit-transform", "rotateZ(" + effects_of_yoga_2010_DEG + "deg)"); 

Of course, this is based on not knowing what effects_of_yoga_2010_DEG is. I'm assuming it simply contains the value you are looking for and can be used the same as the JavaScript version had done.

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