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In my application, I have a 'Do you want to save your changes?' message box. I'm getting the text to display from MFC:

CString prompt;
AfxFormatString1(prompt, AFX_IDP_ASK_TO_SAVE, strFileName);
UINT nResult = AfxMessageBox(prompt, MB_YESNOCANCEL, AFX_IDP_ASK_TO_SAVE)

Now I'm localizing the application to Japanese. I'm guessing that standard texts such as this are already translated to most of the major languages. But I have no idea how to set MFC to use the Japanese versions of the resource identifiers of these standard texts. Is it possible to do this?

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Maybe check the sources to see if there is a changeable localization variable? – Ghost2 Oct 4 '12 at 12:13
Disclaimer: ad ahead. Please skip this comment if you don't want to read it! appTranslator is a great tool to help you translate your app and manage the localization process – Serge Wautier Oct 6 '12 at 13:02
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It turned out I needed to change a few include files in my .rc file:

#include "afxres.rc"         // Standard components
#include "afxprint.rc"               // printing/print preview resources
#include "afxribbon.rc"              // MFC ribbon and control bar resources

needed to become:

#include "l.jpn/afxres.rc"         // Standard components
#include "l.jpn/afxprint.rc"               // printing/print preview resources
#include "l.jpn/afxribbon.rc"              // MFC ribbon and control bar resources
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In VS2008 AFX_IDP_ASK_TO_SAVE and other AFX_... strings are kept in MFC localization DLLs: MFC90CHS.dll, MFC90JPN.dll. MFC90KOR.dll etc. To use them on Windows Vista and later you should call:




on Windows XP call:


For constants refer to

Use GetSystemDefaultLangID to retrieve right locale i.e. on Chinese OS.

Important: don't use GetUserDefaultLangID() or GetSystemDefaultUILanguage(), they return different things, i.e. in case you have English OS, having Chinese locale selected.

lcid = MAKELCID(GetSystemDefaultLangID(), SORT_DEFAULT);//With Chinese locale, returns 0x804, zh-CN
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