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I checked out Tangram from App Store. How can I make this bevel effect on different shapes? What technology do I need create such a layout?

Do I need OpenGL ES or cocos2D maybe Quartz2D?

enter image description here

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Actually I've documented the development process of tangram!, find it here: http://gotoandplay.freeblog.hu/categories/compactTangram/

At that time there was no option to render OpenGL polygons with anti-aliasing, so I made a demanding workaround to achieve the result (I wanted to add bump effect too, but later on I skipped). The point is in this post: http://gotoandplay.freeblog.hu/archives/2010/02/04/compactTangram_074_-_organizing_textures_performance_preservingincreasing_plan/ Funny.

Since than, you can easily render with anti-alias, and retina also a solution for that pain, so some polygon mesh, some shader for specular stuff, and there you go, or go with Cocos2D, as you mentioned, it has growing 3D support.

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You are really kind, köszi. ;-) –  János Oct 4 '12 at 22:06
My first iPhone app. I'd do it elsehow nowdays. –  Geri Oct 5 '12 at 11:57

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