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I have a textarea in my form. Now I want to enable a button once there is a change in the text of the textarea.

I tried using onchange event on the textarea, but, while using it, the browser wants me to click outside the textarea to enable the button, even though I changed some text in the textarea.

My requirement is to enable the button, the moment I change the text.

I have written this function onclick of the textarea:

function enableUpdateButton() {

    document.getElementById("button").disabled = false;


What change should I do?

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Use onkeypress, onkeyup or onkeydown attribute on your textarea instead of onchange. The onchange attribute is invoked when focus was changed from textarea to another element.

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function enableUpdateButton() {

    document.getElementById("button").disabled = false;

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I use keyListeners for this requirements like this:

this.jt_Auftragsnummer.addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter() {

     public void keyReleased(KeyEvent arg0) {
     // Do some stuff

This works quite nice for me.

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