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I have embedded applet in jsp with applet tag and this not the way to integrate applet in jsp ,So I replaced my applet tag with jsp:plugin but I dont get any image in applet.Below is the code snippet

<applet     name="viewerApplet"     id="TViewerApplet"     width="100%"     height="500"     code="com.applet.TViewerApplet.class"     align="baseline"     codebase="."     mayscript="mayscript"     archive="SignedViewer.jar,cmbview81.jar"> </applet>

replaced with following code

 <jsp:plugin code="com.applet.TViewerApplet.class" codebase="." type="applet" name="viewerApplet"     width="100%"     height="500" archive="SignedViewer.jar,cmbview81.jar"> 

What is wrong .Please guide. Edit: With applet tag its working fine.

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You are confusing terms.

JSP is server technology, it renders an HTML page.

Applet is client technology, it works inside the HTML page (possibly rendered by a JSP).

So, when the Applet starts running the JSP has finished a long time ago. Use the applet tag as you would do, because to the browser it won't matter at all that the page was generated by a JSP or not.

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Place your applet jars in the folder where your jsp's are palced.


Beside the WEB-INF folder (includes yoru jsp's and your applet jars).

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All jars are already beside WEB-INF folder –  Edward Oct 4 '12 at 12:23

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