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I have developed a report using SQL Server Reporting Services and hosted it on a server within our LAN. Am able to generate the reports perfectly but when I try to export the report to excel, it fails. This occurs only when the generated report is large. Trying to export to MS-Word, it runs forever. Exporting to CSV works but it distorts the report.

Could someone help me out on the solution.

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If there will be more than ~65567 records in your report output, you will receive an error in excel export. I will suggest to use page break to avoid this issue. You can take a look into following link regarding the page break after a specific number of records. http://www.bi-rootdata.com/2012/09/how-to-restrictset-number-of-records.html

I can suggest one more workaround if you are using 2008R2 version.

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In SSRS 2008R2, This Efficient way of handling Excel Exceeding 65556 rows limit issue in SSRS 2008R2 would be a good method to handle this issue.

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