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I've migrate an access DB to a MySQL DB. In particular, in this DB I've a table with almost 5 million of rows. The most part of operations on this table are queries (filters to select a data subset).

I'm interested in performance. The partitioning of the MySQL DB could enhance the performance? In this case, what type of partitioning is the better to use?


The "data filter" most used will be, I think, the date. But normally more criteria will be used.

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you don't need to partition a table with only 5 millions of rows; just provide proper indexes and make sure MySQL is setup to use enough RAM –  Darhazer Oct 4 '12 at 12:46

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Your question is too generic.

Yes, MySQL partitioning can enhance performance - that's its purpose. MySQL partitioning works well, when you have clear rules about the subset of data you are accessing more often.

For example if you have a timestamp column, and you're usually querying the data for the past year, you could devise a partitioning scheme to improve performance.

Please supply more details about your table, if you wish to receive a better answer.

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