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Actually I am working on a FLOW3 project and up to now it´s really great fun working with FLOW3, even if the documentation is not that good. But now I have problem: I want a JavaScript/jQuery function inside my frontend to call a controller action and the controller to return a json. As there is not much about this inside the documentation I tried a the way like in http://bytelude.de/2012/09/10/flow3-wie-erstelle-ich-eine-ajax-action-mit-json-ruckgabe/, but I always got a answer from the application that there is no view defined. I am using FLOW3 1.1.0. Maybe someone can give me a hint how to perform a ajax/json camm in a simple way.

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FLOW3 now uses Mime-Types instead of formats: The second example in the Json View Section should do the trick. You have to set

protected $supportedMediaTypes = array('application/json', 'text/html');

instead of

protected $supportedFormats = array("html", "json");


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I changed it that way but I still got the message that no Template was found. –  Mario Oct 5 '12 at 6:02
This is my entry in the routes.yaml- name: 'Pages for TimeLine' uriPattern: 'Start/timeLineItemsAction' defaults: @package: 'My.Application' @controller: 'Start' @format: 'json' @action: 'timeLineItems' –  Mario Oct 17 '12 at 14:49

Maybe you need to check your Route.yaml, if you set the format to json, does it change something ?

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If you do not want to bother with Json-Views and Mime-Types you can always just do this in your controller:

return json_encode($data);

When you return something (a string) in the Controller-Action, the view is never queried and the return gets used instead.

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