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I have a C# 4 application which launches another one to execute some Python code. The Python code can be executed with no problems (checked on PythonWin).
In my app I see that the exit code is -2146234327. I've been Googling and couldn't figure out what does it mean.
Any ideas?

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-2146234327 is HRESULT code, typically looked for in hex. See Interpreting HRESULTS returned from .NET/CLR: 0x8013XXXX:

HOST_E_EXITPROCESS_TIMEOUT 0x80131029 Process exited due to Timeout escalation.

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Thanks. Any chance you can expand a bit about what it means? The process executes the given Python code successfully, but for some reason returns this exit code. –  Noich Oct 4 '12 at 12:47
As you see MSDN does not explain the code, because it is bascially deeper internals. My best guess is that the code executed but the hosting process stayed alive for some time (unexpectedly?) and later on a cleanup pass forcefully closed it - and the code indicates the action. It does not say that the problem is with Puthon code itself. –  Roman R. Oct 4 '12 at 12:55

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