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I am working with file_get_contents getting remote files and processing them. Unfortunately the files are quite large and I only need a small segment from each. I know exactly from what offset I would need to read and the length of it but reading the php manual it seems that this is possible with file_get_contents only on local files.

Is there a method which doesn't download the whole file?

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you need to use fopen, fseek and fread function instead of file_get contents

here are the links to the documentation of

fopen opens the file as a stream of bytes and you can seek into your desired position using fseek and read as much byte as you need using fread

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fseek will read the data, and discard it on a remote file. No gain here. –  JvdBerg Oct 4 '12 at 12:59
@JvdBerg hmmm, interesting notice, thanks –  haynar Oct 4 '12 at 13:01

As far as I know there is no way to open a remote file and move the file pointer to a certain point. You need some kind of remote service that provides that feature for you.

Although fopen and fseek seem to work, there is a cullpit. Form the manual:

Not all streams support seeking. For those that do not support seeking, forward seeking from the current position is accomplished by reading and discarding data; other forms of seeking will fail.

As for implementing a service, there a numerous example. I like the rsync solution, that mirrors only changed blocks from a remote to a local machine.

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If you read the files from an http server you could set the Range header if the remove server supports that.

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If anyone stumbles upon this a good way to handle it is to use cURL and CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION.

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