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In one of my test servers, I have a somehow corrupted OpenCms installation: after logging in, the ADE bar is empty and I cannot edit anything:

ADE without bullseyes

I don't get any kind of error or warning in the logs.

After some research, I found that in comparison to sane installations, this corrupt one is rendering a Service implementation URL not specified message in one of the divs that usually contains this bullseye (only relevant html shown):

   +<div id="window">
   +<iframe id="editprovider" src="javascript:''" style="position: absolute; width: 0px; height: 0px; border: medium none;" tabindex="-1">
    <div style="display: none;"></div>
   -<div class="GMQ4TUIBLEB">
       -<div class="GMQ4TUIBJEB" style="visibility: hidden;">
            <div class="GMQ4TUIBEBB"></div>
           -<div class="GMQ4TUIBABB">
                <span class="GMQ4TUIBPAB"></span>
                <span class="GMQ4TUIBCBB GMQ4TUIBN1 GMQ4TUIBE2">Service implementation URL not specified</span>
       +<div class="GMQ4TUIBMEB">

Rendered with firebug: Service implementation URL not specified

How can I fix this?

Envirnoment notes:

  • OpenCms 8.04 (self-compiled from official sources)
  • Tomcat 6.0.35
  • I copied our operative OpenCms DB, that uses OCEE and configured it to not use any of the OCEE components for my testing environment. During this config phase, I'm afraid I have broken something.
  • Our production DB is quite big (some 100 GB), and would like to avoid re-cloning it and installing OpenCms from scratch to solve this problem.
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I have solved the problem (re)installing the org.opencms.ade.editprovider module:

Bullseye restored

Apparently I had a version mismatch between my OpenCms 8.04 and the "inherited" OpenCms modules from the operative version. (In this case, org.opencms.ade.editprovider 8.0.4 matches OpenCms 8.0.4.)

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