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Someone on our prod server had set the "Regular Time Interval" setting in the Recycling section to 0 on our app pool advanced properties. Well, I tried that on our dev server. And I get this error:

The 'Idle Time-out (minutes)' property of the application pool's process model must be less than the 'Regular Time Interval (minutes)' property of the application pool's period restart.

The Idle Time-out value in the Process Model section has a value of 20, just like our prod server. So what gives? How were we able to do the same thing in production but not on this attempt here? Is there a special value you need to specify to force a zero?

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You set the Regular Time Interval and Idle Time-out (minutes) so that you can enter your value for Regular Time Interval, after that you go to Recycling setting and deactivate Regular time intervals(in minutes)

now you have 0 in the Regular Time intervals but your value in the Idle Time-out is not changed

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Instead of using the "Advanced Settings" window where I got this error, I used the "Recycling" settings menu.

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I found this article: http://forums.iis.net/t/1160032.aspx

"This is a bug in the IIS UI - you will have to set it using some other method (appcmd, scripting, powershell, directly editing configuration etc)."

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