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I am learning Prolog using SWI-Prolog. Here is my practice code in file

factorial(N,F) :- N is 0, F is 1;
              N > 0, M is N - 1, factorial(M,G), F is N*G.

While I was trying to load this file by using [], the interpreter gives me the following error:

?- [].
ERROR: Syntax error: Operator expected
ERROR: [fact
ERROR: ** here **
ERROR: .pl] .

I am not sure how this happens, and I am pretty sure what I have done is the standard program loading command.

Anyone has ever seen this please help, thank you.

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either ?- [fact]. or ?- ['']. should work

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When I compile your program it gave me the following answer.

factorial(5,F). F = 120 ; false.

That means your program works correctly.

factorial(N,F) :- N is 0, F is 1,**!**;N > 0, M is N - 1, factorial(M,G), F is N*G.

Include the cut operator(!).Then you can avoid the false part in the output.

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