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So at my new place I my Resharper options files to accommodate the way things work here but I have a slight problem. They love to name things like _personBC. It's everywhere, I can't change and nor do I want to start telling people to change it, it doesn't hurt anything and it's fine except I can't seem to define a rule to deal with it.

I would like to say, "all provate fields need to at start with underscore / lower case" but when I go to "Resharper -> Options -> "Advanced Setting" and try to add a rule there doesn't seem to be a way to say "^_[a-z]*" or something like that - anyone know how I might be able to do this?


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Are you using Resharper 7?

You can press Alt-Enter and add the abbreviation (for example BC or AD) to the abbreviation list:

enter image description here

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This irritates me too but alas I don't believe (as of Resharper 7) you can change the settings to be tolerant of adjacent uppercase letters. The default setting for private fields are:

enter image description here

So lots of options but not the one you're looking for!

The only option I see is turning off the inspection options (or show as hint only) so it doesnt distract you.

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Yeah - It looks like my only option is to add an abbreviation each time I see this shrug Good enough I guess. Thanks! –  Kenn Oct 4 '12 at 15:11
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