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I have a repeating table, and I want one of the fields to be a hyperlink. There doesn't seem to be any way to set the address of the hyperlink based on a formula, though. I want to be able to make the address equal to some base URL concatenated with one of the other fields in the table. Is there any way to do this?

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private string ChangeXmlContent(Uri url, XmlDocument xdoc, string description)
    XmlNode group91 = xdoc.SelectSingleNode("//my:group91", NamespaceManager);

    group91.SelectSingleNode("//my:Url1", NamespaceManager).InnerText = url.ToString();

Fast & easy

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I have used the xpath function concat(my:field2,my:field3) with the hyperlink field. you will have to type in the xpath expression yourself as the designer for some reason will not allow it.

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I was able to use a custom field (as a Hyperlink field). I then populated the field with the corrected address (FULL ADDRESS!!! That was my problem. No relative URLs!!)

When my form loads, I have a rule that sets the hyperlink field like so:

  • RootURL is a custom variable I have already defined in an XML resource file.
  • I concatenate the RootURL with the final string, and apply that to a second custom field. I called it "Edit Record" in the example below.
  • I use that second custom field (Edit Record) as the source for my hyperlink object on the form.

Rule: enter image description here

Hyperlink on my form: enter image description here

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