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I know that there are several libraries available in PHP for outputting HTML content into a PDF file, however my case is a little more complex.

We have a series of invoices which contain user input data, and then several input elements whose content is calculated and output using jQuery and vanilla JavaScript.

I am looking for a soluiton whereby once the current page has completed loading, and all calculations have finished, the page is then converted to PDF, including the values created by jQuery inside <input disabled="disabled" /> elements.

Does anyone know of a suitable library to output the contents of the page to a PDF file?

Here's the kind of flow I have in mind:

  1. Loading HTML page in Browser
  2. Present user with 'download file' dialogue
  3. Save PDF file to user's machine
  4. Close HTML page.
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Send the form's data to the host as an AJAX request or something, generate the PDF on the host, then stream it back to the client as a downloadable PDF file. – Bojangles Oct 4 '12 at 13:33
I believe it is bad idea to convert client-side-generated invoice to PDF, as it will enable the malicious customer to generate fake invoices. Just generate all HTML serverside at once and send the client the resulting PDF. – Erbureth Oct 4 '12 at 13:49

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