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I have a page which is supposed to be printable. The problem is that the page includes some elements with background-image (and I can't see the images when I print), so I try to create a style sheet for the printer, with some pseudo elements that will help me to display the images, it looks like:

  background: none !important
    content: url('/images/bg-progress-bar-big01.gif') !important
    position: absolute !important
    z-index: 1003 !important
    width: 23px !important

It doesn't go well, as the image always get its full width (220px)

What can I do?

Tanks in advance!

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Pseudo Elements are just a box containing the generated content. So you can't resize the image inside.

This thread covers all the options pretty thoroughly
Can I change the height of an image in CSS :before/:after pseudo-elements?

The best option seems to be scale the image to what ever suits. But this is probably way to fiddly to implement everywhere.

.pbar-fill::before {
    content: url('image.jpg');
    transform: scale(.5);
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