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I want to change the way APEX uploads files. I don't want files get into database tables as a BLOB. Instead, I want'em to get right to OS directory on the machine where apex is running. Is it possible? If so, what do I need to start with?

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The file browse item will always upload to a BLOB column. If not in a specified table, it'll go to wwv_flow_files (apex_application_files) which is the alternate option. That shouldn't be a dealbreaker though as you can easily clean up the table after you finish processing the BLOB.

  • Determine the location where your files need to end up
  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions! (read, write,...)
  • Create a directory object in the database which refers to this location: CREATE DIRECTORY statement documentation
  • Make sure you have the necessary grants on this object (read, write,...)
  • Create a procedure that will write a BLOB to a file. An example of this technique is here (dba-oracle.com). In short, what that will do is:

    • open up a file on the filesystem (a directory is required, and a directory is referred to by the name of the directory object you
      created earlier!)

      -- define output directory
      l_output := utl_file.fopen('DIR_TEMP', 'filename','wb', 32760);

      In this example code, the created directory is the DIR_TEMP object

    • take the blob
    • read a piece of it
    • write that piece to the filesystem
    • repeat last 2 steps until the end of the blob has been reached (unless the BLOB is small enough to be written in 1 go)
    • set the file browse item to upload to wwv_flow_files
    • close the file (finish it)
  • You could then alter that procedure to take a BLOB as in IN parameter.
  • In apex, create an after-submit plsql process. You can call the file-writing procedure there, providing it with the stored blob.
  • And clean up the upload table.

Example apex process:

   v_upl_blob BLOB;
   SELECT blob_content 
     INTO v_upl_blob
     FROM wwv_flow_files


   DELETE FROM wwv_flow_files

For even more documentation, there is of course always google, the oracle documentation on all objects used here, or even the oracle forums (OTN apex forums or OTN PL/SQL forums for example)

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Thanks for such a detailed explanation, tho I've already done it the way you described. The thing is I want to omit those steps (writing to BLOB column -> extracting to local directory). Seems it's not possible with APEX. –  Kevin Oct 5 '12 at 9:39
No, as far as i'm aware it is not. When a file has been uploaded to the server, you somehow need a handle to it, and a blob in a table is used for that. I can't think of a way where you skip all that. The files have to be uploaded to the server side. They have to be handled there. –  Tom Oct 5 '12 at 9:47

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