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I'm trying to figure out how to use the isPartOf attribute in the Schema.org WebPage object. From what I understand, this should be used to specify that your page is part of a collection. So so I have a list of hockey teams and then a list of players. My understanding is that an individual player would be a part of the team, so presumably on the players html page, I would add the isPartOf element.

But I'm not sure how I would add this. Should I add it as a URL to the pages collection? Or should I just add a meta tag with the collections name? I can't seem to find much about this element anywhere. Does anyone know how to properly use it?

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I think you're right: use isPartOf to indicate the parent collection (team, in this case) to which a page or file (player) belongs.

So on the player's page:

<a href="/toronto-maple-leafs/" itemprop="isPartOf">Member of the Toronto Maple Leafs</a>

And on the team page, ensure that it's marked with CollectionPage, for example:

<body itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/CollectionPage">

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