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Is it possible to make changes to .ini php file to maximize the excecution time of php scripts?

I am owner of a reseller package at hostgator and a vps at inmotionhosting. There isn't any property or option to change it via cpanel or whm.

So I ask if there is any other way, like to manually create this file, place it to the server via ftp and restart php my admin.

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you need to ask your hosting provider about your server setup and what they allow and do not allow – The Shift Exchange Oct 4 '12 at 14:05

If you have access to the php folder where php.ini is held then you can just edit that.

The property you are looking for is called max_execution_time

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Yes, you can edit the php.ini usually located in /usr/local/lib/php.ini then restart httpd which will update it. You can't normally access php.ini via FTP so you would need to use SSH to do this or find php.ini via a file manager on your container software.

Alternatively, you can set execution limits on a per script basis with


Additionally you can use


to change the value of any php configuration variable at runtime. Try ini_set('max_execution_time'). Your host may have disabled certain configurations so this will not work on all servers.

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