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The company needs to know how much time each worker spends on each part of each project part.

The following resembles some custom objects that were defined for this app:

  • Custom Project
  • Custom Project Part
  • Custom Time Entry

Now we need to customize our salesforce app in such a way that a worker can open the project part and click "Start..." and later "Stop...".

These buttons would create a time entry with a start date and update the time entry with a stop date respectively.

Is this possible to do in the custom objects themselves? (ideal)

Should we be creating new pages?

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Yes. Create two custom Buttons for your custom object eg. "Start" and "Stop". Then put some JavaScript to the buttons to update your custom fields:


var YourCustomObject = new sforce.SObject("YourCustomObject__c");

YourCustomObject.Id = '{!YourCustomObject__c.Id }';
YourCustomObject.Start__c = '{!NOW()}';

updateStartTime = sforce.connection.update([YourCustomObject]);

Then insert these buttons to the page layout.

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I see you're thinking about the "Creating a new page" alternative. +1 The manager seems to have grown fond of the Start/Stop button. Is there a way to create a custom field that contains start and stop dates and the way of changing them is with a start/stop button? Thanks – Bomboca Oct 4 '12 at 21:12
In my example the custom field for the start time is "Start__c" The idea is to set the time with a custom buttom at the standard page layout eg. at the project part page. No need to create a visualforce page for that. – mast0r Oct 4 '12 at 21:23

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