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I am getting an error while compiling to my solution:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe[]' to 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe1[]'

Both MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe[] and 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe1[] appear in the reference.cs files but only 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe[] should.

Anyone have a clue why whenever I update the service reference it would create 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe1[]? And the is no 'MGApplicationModel.OrderProcessingService.OrderDetailSXe1[] anywhere in the solution besides reference.cs.

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Reference is your proxy class, and your proxy is generated by going from your WSDL, so you can adjust your WSDL with definition

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