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Honesty speaking i tried so hard to resolve my issue by googling . I even found some of the fantastic resources like (1) (2) but still i don't understood.

Initially,my problem was branch conflicting.I created one feature in branch called user-creation .And, after then i realized that there was one major bug in my master branch . So i check checkout and corrected it. Then i started working on my user-creation branch and implemented the desire feature and fixed the old bug which i already fixed in my master branch .

Due to this on merging,some conflict arose. Because git changed hundreds of file and put this <<<<<<< HEAD . I though it would be good if delete all my files except .gitconfig , .git/ .^g and merge my existing user-creation branch with master one.

No matter how much i tried to

git reset --hard origin/master

i didn't came to my successful result .

If someone please tell me

  1. How to copy all folders of user-creation branch in master branch in best possible way and easy way.
  2. Why conflict arises . I didn't worked with team . I took all precautions. do my computer hacked ? or working in multiple tab-terminal may cause problem like this .
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Dear downvoter, Please tell me what's the reason you downvoted so that next time i will keep it in mind while asking question. –  Paritosh Piplewar Oct 8 '12 at 15:38

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You should rebase your feature branch on top of master: that way, you keep all the fixes from master while applying the work you did on feature again.

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