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Does anyone know where I can find an example of an image sliding in from the left of the screen stopping in the middle for a few seconds the continues across the page.

Thanks Adam

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You can do it using keyframe animations, like this:



<img src='image.jpg'>


body { overflow: hidden; }
img {
    position: absolute;
    left: -100%;
    margin: 7em -244px;
    animation: slide 4s infinite;
@keyframes slide {
    0% { left: -150%; }
    35% { left: 50%; }
    65% { left: 50%; }
    100% { left: 150%; }
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I am new to web development. This isn't work for me. I have linked to the css file in the header of the HTML file; I have the DOCTYPE specified as well as the HTML, header, and body tags. My css file contains exactly what's in your block above. What more do I need to do? – OKGimmeMoney Aug 4 '14 at 16:46

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