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I have a many to many relationship between student and classes.

I created another table (junction table) called student_classes to hold the primary key of student and priamry key of class, this enables a many to many relationship to be modelled as standard database design.

I also have another table called books, this has core books for a specific classes.

A student can choose which one of the core books he/she wants to use for a class. I was going to add it to the classes table but the choice of book depends on the student.

Then I thought it would be ideal if Ii could map it onto the junction table - it seemed logical, as a core book depends not only on the student but on the class.

Would this be good design to have the junction table hold another key to the book?

So tables :




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Is a class the same thing as a course? Or can there be multiple classes for the same course in the same semester? Is the book list determined by the class or by the course? –  Walter Mitty Oct 5 '12 at 9:34

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In this model (as per your description) student can use only one book for a given subject, if you need more than one, then move BookID into the primary key of the StudentBook table. Note that there are two foreign keys in StudentBook table: FK1 {StudentID, SubjectID} and FK2 {SubjectID, BookID}.

enter image description here

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Almost all of my college classes had more than one book! –  HLGEM Oct 4 '12 at 17:01
thanks... that helped a lot. –  user1555190 Oct 5 '12 at 10:15

For the situation you describe, the model you propose will work because, loosely speaking:

  • A primary key uniquely defines a row (entity) in the table
  • All other columns in the table are attribtes of the primary key
  • Here, the primary key is stduent_id + classes_id
  • Properly speaking, book_id is an attribute of stduent_id + classes_id

To be clear: do not make book_Id part of the primary key, and you're fine.

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I think you want:

[student_classes] student_id classes_id 
[student_classes_books] student_id classes_id book_id 

This will allow the student to select more than one book in cases where that is needed. Many classes require more than one core text, in my experience.

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