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In my ruby on rails application, I have the jquery grid as below. Based on the projectId, data should display on grid. But its not working like that. I observed that url is not getting changed on basis of the projectId.

function editTeam_details(projectId)


            colNames: ["Sr.No","Team Leader"],

            colModel: [
                name: "Sr No",
                index: "Sr No",
                width: 15,
                align: "left",
                name: "Team Leader",
                index: "Team Leader",
                width: 35,
                align: "left",
    width: 800,
            height: 100,
            // Paging
            paging : true,
            toppager: true,
            loadonce : false,
            viewrecords: true,  
            pager: '#pagerProjectIdentification', 
            datatype: 'json',
            sortorder: "desc",
            multiselect: false,
            caption: "1. Project Identification"
        }).jqGrid("navGrid", "#pagerProjectIdentification", {
            edit: true,
            add: true,
            del: true,
            search: true,
            refresh: true
        {}, // settings for edit
        {}, // settings for del
        {}, // settings for delete
            sopt: ["cn"]
        } // Search options. Some options can be set on column level

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Thanks for you reply, Oleg.

I tried the below and it worked.

$("#grdProjectIdentification").GridUnload(); ajaxGridOptions: {cache: false}

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The second part of the code (ajaxGridOptions: {cache: false}) have no sense. If the usage of $("#grdProjectIdentification").GridUnload() solves your problem that you calls editTeam_details more as once. The code inside of editTeam_details creates the grid. You should create grid once for example during the initialization of the page. If you need refresh the grid content with another parameter you need call $("#grdProjectIdentification").trigger("reloadGrid") instead. Before reloading you can change the value used in postData or change url using setGridParam. –  Oleg Oct 4 '12 at 16:10

You should try to replace



url: '/project_identification_team',
postData: {
    project_id: function () {
        return projectId;

In the case the value of project_id parameter of the URL will be evaluated by call of the corresponding function on every request to the server. See the answer for more details.

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