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I am using a WinRT client. I receive this exception when I try to send a message.

Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <.

The problem occurs when you send an object to the hub, and the object is not defined on the hub. The object is a Bindable object (ViewModel). I don't want to include all the property notify change stuff on the web project.

Client Code

return Proxy.Invoke("PlayerUpdate", sessionData);

Try one was to have the hub accept an 'object' parameter

public async Task PlayerUpdate(string group, object sessionData)
 await Clients[group].PlayerUpdate(sessionData);

Try two was to have the hub accept an (json) 'string' parameter

public async Task PlayerUpdate(string group, string sessionData)
 await Clients[group].PlayerUpdate(sessionData);

Try three was to pre-serialize the object client side

var str = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(refresh);
return Proxy.Invoke("PlayerUpdate", str);

Nothing is working. Plan 4 is to define some data transfer objects in a shared libarary to send. I really dont want to do that as It will about double my code.

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My repo project was fine, so I concluded that something else was the matter.

After some experimentation I discovered the real problem was that I had incorrect parameters in my HUB method. Simply put, I was sending 2 parameters when my hub methods only accepted 1.

Thanks for the interest, sorry for the confusion. Perhaps a better exception message is in order?

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This seems like an internal error with SignalR and I don't think anyone's going to be able to help you with this on StackOverflow. You should file an issue with the SignalR GitHub project.

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