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I run vim in profiler mode vim --startuptime vim.log

188.898  000.073  000.073: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/perl.vim
188.991  000.063  000.063: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/php.vim
189.069  000.047  000.047: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/puppet.vim
189.143  000.045  000.045: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/python.vim
189.226  000.054  000.054: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/ruby.vim
1516.865  1327.610  1327.610: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/sass.vim
1517.095  000.170  000.170: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/sh.vim
1517.225  000.082  000.082: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/tcl.vim
1517.318  000.061  000.061: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/tex.vim
1517.397  000.048  000.048: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/syntax_checkers/xhtml.vim
1518.369  1331.773  002.261: sourcing /home/slavik/.vim/bundle/syntastic/plugin/syntastic.vim

And find very long load sass.vim

It source:

if exists("loaded_sass_syntax_checker")
let loaded_sass_syntax_checker = 1

"bail if the user doesnt have the sass binary installed
if !executable("sass")

"use compass imports if available
let g:syntastic_sass_imports = ""
if executable("compass")
    let g:syntastic_sass_imports = system("compass imports")

function! SyntaxCheckers_sass_GetLocList()
    let makeprg='sass '.g:syntastic_sass_imports.' --check '.shellescape(expand('%'))
    let errorformat = '%ESyntax %trror:%m,%C        on line %l of %f,%Z%m'
    let errorformat .= ',%Wwarning on line %l:,%Z%m,Syntax %trror on line %l: %m'
    let loclist = SyntasticMake({ 'makeprg': makeprg, 'errorformat': errorformat })

    let bn = bufnr("")
    for i in loclist
        let i['bufnr'] = bn

    return loclist

What wrong with this file?

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Have you checked the system() time? I guess an external executable may be a problem. – EarlGray Oct 4 '12 at 15:09
Are you sure Pathogen is doing its job? All those checkers are not supposed to be loaded at startup: only syntastic.vim. – romainl Oct 4 '12 at 15:17
@romainl Why are you thinking it is pathogen? Vundle saves in the same location, VAM can be configured to do the same thing. – ZyX Oct 5 '12 at 12:58
You are right, of course, but Pathogen is the one that introduced the ~/.vim/bundle directory IIRC so I went for the lowest hanging fruit. I should have written "your plugin manager". – romainl Oct 5 '12 at 13:53
@romainl I did some research (no plugin managers I know are going to load something from non-standard directory) and it appears that OP is using outdated version of syntastic (at least <2.0.0). Aside from changelog entry syntax_checkers/sass.vim has slight changes; this particular version was added 31 Jan 2011 and replaced 11 May 2011. Version 2.0.0 is from 02 Dec 2011. – ZyX Oct 5 '12 at 19:17
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I guess you should update syntastic: in the 2.0.0 changelog entry there is

Only source syntax checkers as needed - instead of loading all of them when vim starts

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